Flowered 1950s Wallcovering

Mid-century inspired pattern

Flowered 1950s Wallcovering

Mid-century inspired pattern

Flowered 1950s Wallcovering Swatch

For the majority of people in the UK, the mid-century 1950s decade passed pleasantly enough; wages were rising, employment was readily available and slowly the country was getting back to normal.

So far as interior design was concerned, tastes tended to be less than adventurous with most modern people happy to create rooms that were clean, airy and had a light, uncluttered look. Some very creative and inspiring wallpaper was being designed, but for the most part homeowners were being conservative. The wallpaper shown here is, I think, typical of the type of paper that was being purchased during at least the later years of that decade.

My notes tell me that the background is lovely buttermilk while the motif is red with a chocolate stroke. These, of course, are very mid-century colours from the British Standard in use at the time.

The effect on the room is to create something rather bland and easy-on-the-eye but I think it was the sort of look that people wanted. All over the United Kingdom modern, well-constructed homes were being built that offered clean lines and open space and this decoration suited those rooms perfectly. Against the drab backdrop of war, which was still not far from people’s minds, this must have seemed the best way to create and enjoy the new decade.

If you would like to see larger versions of these designs and my other work then you can do so on my Flickr page, a link to which is here

Cosy Bedroom Wallpaper

mid-century inspired wallpaper design

Cosy Bedroom Wallpaper Pattern

midcentury inspired wallpaper design

Cosy Bedroom Wallpaper Swatch

A proportion of mid-century designs were very much experimental to see how far and to an extent how fast the bounds could be pushed but that was not universally the case.

Many of the designs were targeted at the bulk of the population who wanted neat and cosy – just the way their parents did and the way that most people do today. For them a whole host of designs were produced, most of which never made the headlines but which did find their way into the homes of midcentury decorators.

This design falls into that ‘cosy’ category and is shown above as a bedroom wallpaper although it might equally have been used in most other rooms of the house.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Blue Grey In The Bedroom

mid-century inspired blue grey pattern

Blue Grey In The Bedroom

Colours play a very big part in designing and making a room and you can see evidence of this by looking back in this blog at the same set decorated in many different ways.

However, this image above uses a dark blue-grey, a colour from the mid-century British Standard, to produce a lovely bedroom quality wallcovering which is teamed with simple greys in both light and dark for the curtaining. Highlights are provided with the bedhead and, of course, you would dot other highlights around the room, perhaps with cushions for example.

I have to be honest and say that I was unsure how this room would look but, after it was finished and rendered, I was more than satisfied.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Sunshine Room

mid-century insppired surface pattern used as wallpaper

The Sunshine Room

Rooms should not be there to surprise us since the element of surprise can become tedious when repeated day after day. However, rooms can be exciting and uplifting without becoming overwhelming.

The Sunshine Room is designed to be stimulating and vibrant but without necessarily soaking the senses to saturation. The wallpaper, although modern, uses mid-century colours taken from the British Standard palette of marigold and poppy red. These colours are echoed in the ‘Mondrian’ style cushions and to an extent in the wall colouring and the curtains. The effect is one of sunshine and of lightness of mood.

This is not, either, a room designed for an occasional visit but is intended to represent a feature wall in a modern apartment.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Black Walls Trending

midcentury inspired surface pattern

Pins And Needles in chocolate

Using a midcentury inspired surfacepattern

Mid-century living room for Black Walls Trending

Dark colours, including pure black, is currently trending as a colour for walls, particularly when used in apartments and in smaller rooms.

However, black is a difficult colour to deal with successfully and that seems to get harder the larger the space. The problem that I had in implementing this in my 3D created spaces was that I was soon overwhelmed with the colour when used as paint on the walls. This is due, I suppose, to the large area I was hoping to cover.

Not to be outdone, however, I experimented with a darkish wallcovering and ended up using one of my favourite colours from the mid-century palette: chocolate! Adapting this as a background for my ‘Pins And Needles’ design I successfully used it in the mid-century inspired room that I often use both for showcasing wallpaper and curtains.

The images above use this design for the walls and two new designs for the curtains and cushions. You can see detail crops that show these patterns as well as a larger image of the above on my Flickr page which is here.

Light And Easy Pattern

Light mid-century inspired surfacepatttern

Light And Easy Pattern

06_1000Patterns don’t need to be multi-coloured and complicated, sometimes, in fact, it’s the most simple patterns that have the power to captivate.

The bedroom set that I use has had a variety of wallpapers in many different styles and colours but I wanted to create one that was both light and easy-on-the-eye and which would also provide a foil for some other decoration.

The pattern is a simple figure and some contemporary decorative motifs while the colouring is very similar and based on colours in the mid-century British Standard palette.

This allows me to use canary yellow for the wall while the curtain use this hue along with traditional magnolia and lovely porcelain blue – a colour I don’t use as often as I should.

The effect is, I hope, unremarkable yet appealing in its simplicity.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Create A Feature Wall

Creating a midcentury inspired interior feature wall

Create A Feature Wall

Spice up your room. A feature wall can be a quick, easy and relatively painless way of transforming your room, giving it a new and exciting look.

You can, of course, go mad with your choice of wall covering but remember that this is probably the room you live in day by day and if you make it too outrageous you will find it soon jars on your sensibility. Here I have used one of the lovely Claydon wallpapers that I designed to give an eye-catching look without exactly going over the top.

To make life easy I have chosen the wall without either a window or door but one which everyone will see on entering the room. This is eye-catching but not excessively so, in fact, I think it is stylish and rather restful. I have used a pattern I am currently working on as curtaining, mainly to see how it looks, and the pillow is one that will soon be available to buy. Overall, I think the effect is sophistication without being grandiose.

You can find the wallpaper here and see more images here and, as ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.