Gold For A Kitchen

midcentury inspired kitchen tiles

Gold For A Kitchen

There are blue kitchens, green ones and even black and white ones but I thought how good it would be to create a nice, warm, gold kitchen!

As well as mid-century inspired patterns for walls and fabric, I also enjoy designing tiles both for walls and floors although I have yet to find someone who wants to make and market them. This project arose from an idea to update a kitchen and not to use conventional cool colours but to use something warm and sunny and maybe sort of Mediterranean.

The tiles are based on mid-century type of designs while the colours are standard warm, sun colours both for the patterned tiles, the plain tiles and the kitchen cabinets. This gives a light, open look which is perhaps the sort of look I might want in my own kitchen which is quite dark because of the poor window placement.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Two Color Wall Tiles


Wall tiles can look good as just one color but, as someone once said, what is better than one color – well, it’s two colors!

Following on from the tiles that I posted earlier, these are two tiles which use simple code based on the recursive function in the book Processing: Creative Coding by Ira Greenberg and others. I have reproduced the code below if it helps anyone.

The purpose of this is to create two nice looking wall tiles that would be suitable for a kitchen or bathroom and then combine them into a simple two color pattern.

There are a variety of images for this project and it would be best to look at the Flickr page which is here. There you will see the two colors and a representation of how they would look applied to a wall, together with the same wall using both colors.

void setup() {
 size(1000, 1000) ;
 background(91, 160, 173) ; // fiesta blue
//fill(24, 113, 152) ; // pacific blue
 fill(172, 173, 21) ; // parakeet
 noStroke() ;
 translate(width/2, height/2) ;
 drawCircle(0, 0, width/2) ;
 rotate(PI/2) ;
 drawCircle(0, 0, width/2) ;
void drawCircle(int x, int y, int s) {
 if(s > 2) {
 ellipse(x, y, s, s) ;
 drawCircle(x - s/2, y, s/2) ;
 drawCircle(x + s/2, y, s/2) ;


Floor tiles or linoleum patterns

Floor tiles or linoleum patterns

These patterns are created to resemble the floor tiles that were sold mid-century made into linoleum sheet, it was a pattern that sold in considerable quantities and it’s easy to see why.

Lino like this was easy to keep clean, simple to lay and had a long lifetime before it began to look shabby. There are two quite different designs here; the first is a warm, Mediterranean type of colour while the other is stronger, harder and much more no-nonsense. Either look good in the demonstration room (I pinched it from the modern dinner party scene I created some months ago).

Warm colours, you would think, would be the first choice in the cool climate of the UK but I think the stronger, cooler colours look much better but then that is just my opinion.

The patterns were made in Xara Designer and assembled and rendered in Cinema 4D.