More Tiles For A Kitchen Wall


Now that I have my kitchen set complete and looking sort of reasonably good, I have to admit it, I am hooked on making tiles.

Once again these tiles have their roots in the mid-century in the UK for both the colour and for the simple design. What I particularly like is the way that tiles look when repeated because of the join between them and the fact that it is obvious that they are individual squares. This somehow seems to give the wall a fragmented yet whole look which would be difficult to achieve with a wallcovering made to resemble tiles.

When I created my mid-century kitchen I created the tiling in either single tile or the popular one pattern and then one plain tile which was popular in the 1960s. Although not the most inventive design I have ever created I am, however, pleased with the result. Because of the way that the tiles are created I am not able to bring you a swatch but you can see a larger version of the image above on our Flickr page which is here.

The design was created with Xara Designer while the image was made using my ever present Cinema 4D.

Tiles For A Kitchen Wall

I have created this mid-century inspired tile designed for a kitchen or, of course, any other room in the house that has a blue decor.

Although the design uses mid-century ideas and very mid-century colours it would look just as good in a modern room where it provides an effective tile pattern. One reason for this is that the pattern is a small motif and a fast repeat which, I think, makes it look so good.

This design was created with Xara Designer while the set is a detail of my mid-century kitchen which was created in Cinema 4D and which program was used to produce the image.

You can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

Mid-Century Influenced Wall Tiles

One thing that characterizes life in the mid-century, at least in the UK, was the upsurge in DIY.

This began a trend, which exists to this day, for householders to modify, convert or beautify their homes with everything from simple wallpaper or paint all the way to major structural alteration and additions. Whilst this is not for all, something that many people have attempted is to create a tiled wall in perhaps a kitchen or a bathroom.

The pattern for these tiles is similar to the wide variety of tiling patterns which were introduced during the 1950s and 1960s in the UK.

This tile was created with Processing in a matter of minutes and the code, such as it is, is shown below. It is obviously easy to create tiles in different colors and on our Flickr page, which is here, you can see one other color scheme and a two color version.

color eu ;
void setup() {
 size(1000, 1000) ;
 eu = color(#44d7a8) ; // crayola eucalypus
 background(eu) ;
fill(eu) ;
 stroke(255) ;
 strokeWeight(25) ;
 int s1 = 250 ; // size large
 int s2 = 200 ; // size small
 ellipse(250, 250, s1, s1) ;
 ellipse(750, 250, s1, s1) ;
 ellipse(500, 250, s2, s2) ;
 ellipse(750, 500, s2, s2) ;
 ellipse(750, 750, s1, s1) ;
 ellipse(500, 750, s2, s2) ;
 ellipse(250, 750, s1, s1) ;
 ellipse(250, 500, s2, s2) ;
noStroke() ;
 fill(eu) ;
 rect(250, 250, 500, 500) ;

Tiled surface xar019

Tiled surface xar019

Quite often you need a tiled surface and this was the first tiled surface that I created using Xara software.

This was my first attempt at a tiled surface, the sort of surface you would find in a bathroom or, in different colours, in a kitchen. Along with a high specular this would look good used in 3-D work.

This one is available with the bump and tile and is uploaded with a Creative Commons license.

xar019 – material
xar019 –bump
xar019 –tile

DP205 Zodiac Tile Wallpaper

Zodiac tiles

This is a very simple tile pattern which is also available with some nice Zodiac signs from a font designed just to brighten it up and make it look more fizzy.

Tile patterns are very handy, particularly for 3-D work, and these tiles in their pastel colours would look nice on a bathroom wall. After I created the tiles I decided that they looked a little plain and so I added some Zodiac symbols to them and I also added some Zodiac designs. The symbols and designs came from the same font which must have been a free one included with some software.

Uploaded to my Flickr website are the tiles I used to create the 3-D patterns along with backgrounds using both the Zodiac symbols and the Zodiac designs. I also added some bump images that I did. The links to the original images on Flickr are below. Note that there is no bump image of just the squares as I was unable to produce one that looked satisfactory.

DP205_c1 tile
DP205_c2 tile
DP205_c4 tile