New 70s Stair Carpet

Mid-century inspired pattern

New 70s Stair Carpet

Mid-century inspired pattern

New 70s Stair Carpet Swatch

The 1970s was a time to calm down the hectic riot of the mid-century decades before and concentrate on living perhaps a little more gracefully yet enjoying the ideas and innovations that the 1960s had brought.

One motif that the 1970s seemed to like was the circle and it appeared in wallpaper designs and elsewhere. This pattern, I have chosen to use it for carpet, is the sort of design that I think you would have been able to see in most carpet shops of the period.

My notes give me a long list of the motif colours as crimson, Pacific blue, orange, poppy red, eau de nil, mustard, oxlip, chocolate, golden brown, mimosa and lovely montella. As I frequently say, I often find myself changing colours and I forget to update the notes. In this case it looks as if all the colours mentioned did not make into the final design although by the look of it most did.

The background is an image rather than a solid colour intended to give more of an impression of carpet texture – you can see this better in the additional detail image on my Flickr account. Note that although the design is very 1970s, the set is more modern, designed and coloured to show off the carpet as well as I am able.

If you would like to see larger versions of these designs and my other work then you can do so on my Flickr page, a link to which is here

1950’s Green Carpet Pattern

Mid-century inspired 3D texture

1950’s Green Carpet Pattern

Mid-century inspired 3D texture

1950’s Green Carpet Pattern

I am in the process of designing a complete set of rooms to represent the early 1950s as it would have existed in the United Kingdom.

One aspect to which I had previously paid little attention is the carpet, using patterns that I created from third-party programs. However, in order to give my work more of a sense of realism I am now creating a range of carpet materials.

This green carpet is shown on the stairway of what was the 1966 house in order simply to show off the carpet rather than to suggest that this carpet would be suitable as stair carpet. In fact, the carpet pattern is intended for use in a lounge although, having said this, and having had the chance to look at the render, I wonder whether the carpet is a little too light for the householder to have chosen.

The rooms are at present under construction but as soon they are ready I will try the carpet although the final pattern may look a little darker.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and, of course, my other designs and patterns on my fabulous and ever-growing Flickr page which is here.