Chocolate Mid-Century Style Fabric

Now it’s a fact that not all mid-century furnishing fabrics were dull and coloured dark green as this lively design tries to show.

Using chocolate as a base – a genuine mid-century British Standard colour – this pattern is intended to look noticeable and to draw the eye to the furniture on which it is used. Although I do like small, fast repeats and less contrast fabrics, every now and again I also like to splash out and use something eye-catching and different.

This is the sort of fabric that might have been available mid-century for use on a feature piece of furniture and it is shown here on a mid-century style sofa and chair.

You can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

Pattern Ai267 – A Stylish Mid-Century Wallpaper Design

Midcentury wallpaper design

If you use a pattern with a short repeat then you tend to get a design which begins to look overwhelming, a feature that was not lost on mid-century wallpaper makers.

This is my standard mid-century living room shown this time with what could be a very overwhelming pattern using a short repeat at quite a large scale. Although this appears slightly unpleasant by today’s standards, patterns like this were very much the norm in mid-century rooms. To help make it look a little more acceptable to today’s eyes I have made the colours rather low-key. However, once your eye begins to accept the pattern I think you will agree that it becomes a very appealing design. In addition it does have the effect of making the wall ‘stand out’ in a positive way and emphasise the dimensions of the room.

As mentioned above, the set is my standard mid-century living room and the image was created in Cinema 4D with some slight work in Photoshop. The pattern itself was made in Adobe Illustrator.

You can see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.