A Blue Feature Wall

A Blue Midcentury Inspired Design

A Blue Midcentury Inspired Design

a feature wall using mid-century inspired wallpaper

A Blue Feature Wall

It’s not just high-end, classy, expensive apartments and penthouses that can successfully use wallpaper as a feature wall treatment.

Here one of my less recent patterns has been used to cover the window wall in a 3D created apartment. Feature walls can be used to make a statement showing the owners aspirations and decorative ideas but that is not the intention here. I have tried to make this relatively low impact since this is a room that would be used every day and to make it too uncomfortable or garish would be to tire of it too soon.

Here, however, the wall grabs the eye as a visitor enters and experiences the overall impact but using the room each day you will just be aware of its style and beauty. Deliberately the accessories are made simple and everyday so that watching TV at night using the sofa you are not constantly bombarded with the large print pattern.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

Create A Feature Wall

Creating a midcentury inspired interior feature wall

Create A Feature Wall

Spice up your room. A feature wall can be a quick, easy and relatively painless way of transforming your room, giving it a new and exciting look.

You can, of course, go mad with your choice of wall covering but remember that this is probably the room you live in day by day and if you make it too outrageous you will find it soon jars on your sensibility. Here I have used one of the lovely Claydon wallpapers that I designed to give an eye-catching look without exactly going over the top.

To make life easy I have chosen the wall without either a window or door but one which everyone will see on entering the room. This is eye-catching but not excessively so, in fact, I think it is stylish and rather restful. I have used a pattern I am currently working on as curtaining, mainly to see how it looks, and the pillow is one that will soon be available to buy. Overall, I think the effect is sophistication without being grandiose.

You can find the wallpaper here and see more images here and, as ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.