Mid-century Grey Carpet Pattern:


Mid-century Grey Carpet Pattern:

Mid-century Inspired Pattern

Mid-century Grey Carpet Pattern: Swatch

Carpet for flooring seems to have gone out of fashion in favour of floor boards which I think look cold and unfriendly by comparison.

Mid-century carpet patterns are hard to define since they covered a large area, ranging from florals left over from pre-war days to more modern and adventurous designs. This pattern tries to be simple but elegant and to show off the dimensions of the room and make it interesting and inviting for a visitor.

The colours used are mid-century ones being dark admiralty grey for the background with lovely nightshade and brass for the motif. The effect, as I have tried to demonstrate, is to take the eye along the room to emphasis its dimensions and lead the eye of the visitor to the sofa at the end.

If you would like to see larger versions of these designs and my other work then you can do so on my Flickr page, a link to which is here.


Carpet pattern for a main room inspired by mid-century designs

Carpet pattern for a main room inspired by mid-century designs

Carpets were out of fashion recently but perhaps they can be tempted back with my excellent design shown here.

Inspired by mid-century motifs, colours and designs, it is intended to be directional which is seen better in the swatch. Rather than a ’tile’ pattern, this has a simple ‘way’ to it that takes the viewers eye forward into and across the room.

The pattern was made in Xara Designer and the image produced in Cinema 4D using a set that I have used many times before (so many times that it ought to have a name by now).