New Room Furnished

New 3D archviz room made with C4DYou have seen the new room I created after it was finished, now you can see the same room with furniture and some decoration to the wall.

The wallpaper is one of the first wall coverings that I developed for this room and is designed to give it a light, airy and modern look so that I can decide if I am happy with the overall aspect of the room. Fortunately I am.

The room is designed as a traditional, large dining room so that there is a considerable expanse of wall for the wallpaper to cover. I have learned from experience that making rooms the size perhaps of the rooms in my own house makes them look small and rather cramped once they are converted to 3D. For this reason I have made the room quite large, probably larger than I would want in a dining room. It does however produce that long wall to give an opportunity to see the wallpaper both in the light from the main window and in the shadow afforded by the room next door.

I have been creating 3D interior visualisations and designing textures for some years now and I wanted to try and produce something that would make my textures look the way that I always intended them to. This room does that.

It was made with my new Cinema 4D release 19 but it does not use the PBR materials, but instead uses the old-fashioned way of creating them but using the physical renderer. These 3D rooms are not intended to show how good I am at 3D architectural visualisation (I’m not) but are simply a vehicle to show how my patterns will look in real-life.

I have learned that there is a big difference between producing a surface pattern and then applying that image to a wall, a dress or a cushion. Whilst the pattern may look nice and satisfying as a square, two-dimensional image it can look very different once it is applied to an object. This is why, many years ago, I turned such skills as I have with 3D into producing images that show my textures wrapped around objects. (You can see my development as a 3D artist from my Flickr page below.)

If you wish, you can also see larger versions of this room with a different pattern and, of course, my other designs and patterns for interiors and my interior 3D work on my ever-growing Flickr page, a link to which is here.

Cinema 4D Irawan Cloth Shader

Cinema 4D Irawan Shader

Cinema 4D Irawan Shader

Since release 16 (I think) Cinema 4D has had its own cloth shader in the reflectance channel, the Irawan Shader, and I have been waiting for a good time to try it out.

Well, that time has arrived and the post yesterday used that shader for both the material on the sofa and the carpet. For those interested in such things I have posted above (and on Flickr) a detail of the image which shows the effect better.

For both textures I used only the reflectance channel, using a coloured layer mask in much the same way that C4D use for their sample materials. Yes, I know there is some moiré which, if I was clever, I would have got rid of by upping the anti-aliasing but overall, I am pleased with the effect.