Flowered 1950s Wallcovering

Mid-century inspired pattern

Flowered 1950s Wallcovering

Mid-century inspired pattern

Flowered 1950s Wallcovering Swatch

For the majority of people in the UK, the mid-century 1950s decade passed pleasantly enough; wages were rising, employment was readily available and slowly the country was getting back to normal.

So far as interior design was concerned, tastes tended to be less than adventurous with most modern people happy to create rooms that were clean, airy and had a light, uncluttered look. Some very creative and inspiring wallpaper was being designed, but for the most part homeowners were being conservative. The wallpaper shown here is, I think, typical of the type of paper that was being purchased during at least the later years of that decade.

My notes tell me that the background is lovely buttermilk while the motif is red with a chocolate stroke. These, of course, are very mid-century colours from the British Standard in use at the time.

The effect on the room is to create something rather bland and easy-on-the-eye but I think it was the sort of look that people wanted. All over the United Kingdom modern, well-constructed homes were being built that offered clean lines and open space and this decoration suited those rooms perfectly. Against the drab backdrop of war, which was still not far from people’s minds, this must have seemed the best way to create and enjoy the new decade.

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Buttermilk 1960s Room

xar180 buttermilk

As you know changing the colour of wall coverings will change the colour and atmosphere of a room to quite remarkable degree.

This is clearly shown in the picture today which uses yesterday’s wallpaper but with a much lighter, more pastel, colour. The colour is a 1960s one, from the 1960’s British Standard and is called buttermilk.

I have had to make some changes to the colours of some of the items of furniture, the window woodwork and the curtains but that aside the room is the same room as I used yesterday.

The changing of the wall colour does make quite a difference and it gives the room, unfortunately, a much more modern look and feel which was anything but intended. Rooms in the 1960s were, in general, much darker and much more sombre than are usually portrayed, even in the latter half of the 1960s.

However, this room is not out of keeping with that period and I think that this represents perhaps a more adventurous but definitely a mid-century feel. In the 1960s I was, believe it or not, a young man and perhaps this is the sort of room that I might have created.