A useful pattern of squares

A useful pattern of squares

This is a free pattern and one designed to be used as a wallpaper although it could be used in 3-D work for a variety of different surface coverings.

This was not originally intended for 3-D work as I do not now do very much 3-D except for the work that I do with Shade. However, in order to make this a 3-D background I have added a quick bump image and uploaded the result to Flickr where you will find one background, one bump image and one tile.

I am afraid that I will be doing less 3-D work in the future although any images that could be used as backgrounds I will try and create a bump image when I upload them.

xar041 – bg
xar041 – bump
xar041 – tile

Simple pattern xar035

Simple pattern xar035

Another free pattern today and this time a very simple one designed to be used as a wallpaper.

We have not had a wallpaper recently and this is an excellent 1960s style simple wallpaper design which is available, I’m afraid, in just the one colour. Uploaded to Flickr is the background, bump image and tile.

Having looked again at the bump image it is perhaps not the best one that I could have produced however it will probably suffice for simple 3-D work.

Xar035 – 1
xar035 – bump
xar035 – tile

Spotted pattern xar033

Spotted pattern xar033

xar033 is an interesting pattern design made as a furnishing fabric and which I offer as a free 3-D texture.

This is a simple texture that looks quite good and I originally designed it as a furnishing fabric for covering sofas and chairs. On Flickr you will find just one colour background together with a bump map and the tile. The links are below.

xar033 – background
xar033 – bump image
xar033 – tile

Fabric pattern xar024

Fabric pattern xar024

This is a pleasant fabric design almost devoid of ornamentation and intended to be used as a fashion or furnishing fabric.

It owes its origin to the early years of the 20th century when an attempt was made to more less remove any ornamentation from surface pattern design. This was the rise of modernism which saw the beginnings of the great changes in design which took place in the early years of the century, the repercussions of which are still with us today.

One reason for creating this design was that I needed something to use with my experiments with Shade. Another reason was that I like, as you will know, the idea of small repeated motifs like this.

It is available free on Flickr, there are two backgrounds, a bump image and the tile.

xar024 – 1
xar024 – 2
xar024 – bump
xar024 – tile

Wallpaper xar021

Wallpaper xar021

This is a slightly unusual wallpaper that I created when I decided that I would venture back into 3-D

It is intended that it should be shown as a quite large motif and it is available under a Creative Commons license as a bump image, a tile and three backgrounds.

xar021 –1
xar021 –2
xar021 –3
xar021 –bump
xar021 –tile

Tiled surface xar019

Tiled surface xar019

Quite often you need a tiled surface and this was the first tiled surface that I created using Xara software.

This was my first attempt at a tiled surface, the sort of surface you would find in a bathroom or, in different colours, in a kitchen. Along with a high specular this would look good used in 3-D work.

This one is available with the bump and tile and is uploaded with a Creative Commons license.

xar019 – material
xar019 –bump
xar019 –tile

Xar015, a pleasant, modern furnishing fabric pattern

Xar015, a pleasant, modern furnishing fabric pattern

This is a modern design and yet it is fashioned very much on the prints that appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

I saw this as a fabric print mainly for furnishings and I have made it available as a free print with three background colours, the tile and a bump image.

I am now pleased to say that I have Shade 13 and so I will be able to use this myself in a 3-D image once I get back up to speed using Shade.

Xar015 – 1
Xar015 – 2
Xar015 – 3
Xar015 – bump
Xar015 – tile