Accurate UK 1959 Bedroom

Mid-century inspired bedroom

Accurate UK 1959 Bedroom

But this room is a mess, it’s a riot of patterns and colours with nothing, it seems, to bind it altogether. Can this really be the way that rooms looked at the end of the 1950s?

Interior design, except for a few and perhaps more affluent households, was still in the development stage during the years after the Second World War. For most householders in the United Kingdom decorating consisted of going to a shop and looking at wallpaper, carpet or fabric and deciding on one to use with little consideration for the other elements in the room.

The post-war years produced, as may be expected, a feeling of optimism and excitement after the drab and horrific experiences of the 1940s. This optimism showed itself in the patterns and colours that were being produced. Householders, for the most part, were happy to choose strongly patterned wallpaper, fabric and carpets because it suited the mood of the time and made their houses look colourful and up-to-the-minute.

The idea of having an overall scheme for a room seems to have developed later and the room above is probably reminiscent of the way that most rooms would have looked at this time.

This is the same room that I have used elsewhere as an early 1950’s bedroom and it is fanciful to suppose that the occupant, perhaps an older daughter or other unmarried relative, has since found a partner. The room now has a double bed rather than a single, a much larger wardrobe with matching dressing table and a rather nice bow-fronted bedside table. In addition, the room is much lighter in feel and, despite the jumble of colours and patterns, much more homely.

Further down the age scale, at this time in the late 1950s, teenagers had appeared and were beginning to exert their influence both in terms of money and pressure on their parents to change the character of rooms, in particular bedrooms. Into the 1960s this would have the effect of changing the role of a bedroom from simply a room in which to sleep to a room designed to double as a sitting and eating room.

Interestingly, this room still has a net curtain at the window and nets would continue to be a feature of rooms throughout the mid-century. It was not until much later that younger householders began to remove nets. Even today in the United Kingdom it is possible to see net curtains at windows.

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