Floral Wallpaper Aff600

The mid-century years in the UK generated some exciting patterns that were both new and very different to the patterns that had gone before. This was largely due to the emerging pool of young talent would go on to change the way patterns are produced for the next several decades. However, it would be wrong to think that this was a time of great general change because the patterns that had been developed from the previous decades were still there and still very much in demand.

This design is a simple floral wallpaper pattern which would still have been popular mid-century and for many householders it was the type of pattern that they would have preferred on their walls.

The design is, I suppose, mid-century but equally looks back to turn-of-the-century ideas although the colouring places it very much in the United Kingdom in the 1950s or 1960s. I have to be honest, I never was a great fan of floral design although, to be fair, I have enjoyed creating this and in order to balance my output of work I will try and create some similar designs in the future.

If you wish, you can also see larger versions of this and, of course, my other designs and patterns for interiors on my Flickr page, a link to which is here.