Ryelands Part 1 – Changing The Wallpaper

The images above show the living room in a fairly typical suburban house in the United Kingdom as it would look decorated to current modern ideas.

The walls are painted white as it is the paintwork (which includes the door and the skirting to the room) and the floor has modern wooden floorboards, intended to look like a laminated floor. Colour and interest are provided by the decoration on the curtains, the pouffe, the main rug and the cushions on the sofa.

The room, finished in this way, is a pleasant one, light and airy and has a modern look to it. Although you only see part of the room, in my mind the unseen areas simply consistent of more walls making the room rectangular, the remaining walls having the same decoration.

The second image is exactly the same as the first image except that wallpaper has been applied to all of the walls and the effect is quite remarkable. Suddenly the room takes on a quite different look and seems to come alive. I think this is because the individual elements, the doorway, the sofa, the light, and the curtains are all framed against the wallpaper pattern. Again, in keeping with modern ideas, the wallpaper is not intrusive and is of a neutral colour with a very small Belle Epoque 2 pattern which, at the scale used, does not draw the eye and allows the walls to be complete in themselves.

I like the way that modern houses are decorated with very architecturally styled solid colours but I always feel that the house owner will soon find the rooms soulless and boring because of the lack of a decorated feel to them. Simply applying wallpaper to the walls, in my opinion, creates a room that looks as though it will retain interest over a much longer period of time.

This is a simple addition and it immediately raises the idea that we could experiment by brightening and decorating the look of the remaining items in the room. I shall try to do this in the next post.

I have not created this pattern as a wallpaper but if anyone would like to use it as such please send me an e-mail to miket (at) midcenturystyles.com.

These images are necessarily quite small but you can see much larger images of this and my other designs and patterns for interiors on my Flickr page, a link to which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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