Aff541 As Carpet

As I explained in the previous post this pattern is not quite Belle Epoque 2 because of the way that it is constructed but it was interesting to see how it works as a carpet where the requirement is for it to flow across the surface without looking too interrupted.

The set is a simple one with just a sofa and a carpet fitted to the contours of the room and at the scale shown, which is larger than I would usually use for Belle Epoque 2, the carpet does flow across the room highlighting the dimensions and enhancing the look.

The colours are mid-century from my extended palette and give a solid, interesting look to the space which I am sure would allow the interesting use of contrast in the final interior design.

If you wish, you can also see larger versions of this and, of course, my other designs and patterns for interiors on my Flickr page, a link to which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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