Aff466 Wallpaper

Bearing in mind what I have already said about this design’s origin, you would perhaps expect me to use a mid-century modern type room or even a mid-century interior in order to display the paper. In fact I did try this and it looked extremely good but, as I perhaps anticipated, it looks even better in a modern setting.

This set is designed to represent an upmarket apartment and here the wallpaper is used on one wall with the wall containing the windows and curtaining in a solid colour. If this were being used for real, the wallpaper would be used on two of the walls with the remaining two walls being plain. In fact, the curtains take up a good part of the left-hand wall.

The scale is the right sort of size to show off the motifs but without making them too much of a feature. One annoyance which I could not see when I first produced the image but which I think I can see now is that the pattern does create a line of motifs running across the wall. This is something that I, and most other designers, try to avoid like the plague but now that I have seen it, and it is only slight, it is difficult not to see it in the pattern.

I think that this wallcovering gives a pleasant, open and very friendly look to the room and I am pleased with the result.

If you wish, you can also see larger versions of this and, of course, my other designs and patterns for interiors on my Flickr page, a link to which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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