Circular Route Bus Fabric


Mid-century inspired pattern

Circular Route Bus Fabric Swatch

The fabrics used in transportation are very interesting to design since they lead us to adopt various constraints in the type of pattern and the colouring that we can use.

Traditionally mid-century fabrics used in buses and trains tended to be quite inconspicuous although, particularly the train designs, the pattern was of very high quality. Of late there has been a tendency to use much more colourful and striking designs, particularly where it is supposed the passenger will only be sitting on the seat for a short time – her example buses on town routes.

This design, however, is intended to have a foot in both camps and to be suitable for short-term bus transport or for longer term bus, coach or train journeys. The design is, on the face of it, quite a strong one although the regular repeat and horizontal flow tend to soften the look. The way the design is viewed, I believe, would make it a more restful design suitable for longer term transport applications, for example the seats on InterCity trains. However, I have tried to maintain a sense of excitement and interest within the pattern and to also make the seat noticeable, pleasing and a design that will lead the passenger to sit on the seat and enjoy their transportation experience.

You can, should you wish, also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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