New Wall Texture

Mid-century inspired pattern

New Wall Texture

Mid-century inspired pattern

New Wall Texture

I started making patterns as a result of making textures for 3D architectural visualisations that I had made – and this is something that I still do.

I decided that I would try producing a pattern to be used at a small scale in order to produce an effect or a texture rather than using the actual pattern itself as decoration. The result is this pattern which is a simple pattern of circles but it is used on the wallpaper at a very small scale and the effect is to produce a texture that resembles a basket work effect.

Applying this to the wall I was surprised at how good it actually looked and I decided that this was a good way of using pattern to create a textured effect. This is rather like the classic houndstooth motif which is used on fashion fabrics just for the effect rather than for the look of the motif.

I’m still thinking about the result of this and I may well try the same method with some other patterns to see if I can extend this way of using them. So that you can see this more clearly I have included with the images on my Flickr account a full-size close-up photograph which shows the effect more clearly.

You can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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