Feature Mid-century Style Wallpaper

Mid-century inspired pattern

Feature Mid-century Style Wallpaper

Mid-century inspired pattern

Feature Mid-century Style Wallpaper Swatch

Knowing what to do with walls has changed dramatically since mid-century times when almost all walls were decorated with wallpaper. The wallpaper was usually well patterned and covered all the walls equally.

With the cleaner, more modern look, walls have become featureless coloured voids which are usually painted in a light colour or (and I am against this #nomorewhite) white. This is the luxury apartment that I created recently and, as you can see, the walls are covered in a light colour in order to make them look as large as possible and as uninspiring as possible.

In order to guard against this, I have covered the small wall (it is behind the kitchen area) in a feature wallpaper which I have simply created from a pattern that I used recently on Redbubble for cushions.

The effect of this is to catch the eye and provide some decoration and relief from the universal colour of the walls. It also serves another purpose, it leads the eye directly to the seating area and makes the sofa look like a separate cosy area.

As I said I have used this pattern to create cushions although it would perhaps be a little over-the-top and distracting to use cushions with the same pattern..

So that you can see the wall a little better I have moved the sofa out away from the window although, of course, once you have left I will move it back and perhaps sit there and enjoy the afternoon sun while I have a drink.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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