A Splash Of Colour

mid-century inspired surface pattern

A Splash Of Colour – Bradwell Cushion

mid-century inspired surface pattern

A Splash Of Colour – Swatch

One thing that is different between mid-century and now is the way that colour was used and the perception of colour as a means of creating decoration.

The war years left their mark on Britain once hostilities finished with shortages, rationing and a general feeling that, although the war had been won, there was still a lot to do to rebuild the country. Designers, it must be presumed, felt a need to be part of this rebuilding work and perhaps one of the most important contributions was to make people feel better and take a pride in their surroundings.

They did this by using both colour and pattern, elements that were in short supply during the war, and this resulted in an outpouring of talent and ingenuity. It is natural to think, therefore, that colour would play an important part in decorating the new houses that would been built to house the returning soldiers and their families. During the 1950s and into the next decade both colour and pattern took off in directions that perhaps had never been envisaged before and there was much experimentation and pushing of boundaries at this time.

Today both colour and pattern are used in a more restrained way but it is still important to feel enlivened and refreshed by the home environment. One way to do this is to understand that modern interior design techniques are there to provide a cladding to the walls and a structure to the furniture. It is left to the house-owner to provide the all-important decorative additions that, like the icing on the cake, turn the house into a unique statement for that particular owner.

This cushion is designed to do just that. It is bold, and it is eye-catching and it is intended to give a sofa or a chair that little lift that takes it from being just a piece of furniture into being your sofa or your chair. These are important additions since they are the elements that catch the eye of a visitor and subtly influence their view of your room.

The Bradwell cushion can be purchased from Redbubble by going here. You can also see larger versions of this and my other work on my Flickr page which is here.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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