Fabulous 1950s Era Wallpaper

mid-century inspired surface pattern

Fabulous 1950s Era Wallpaper Used In West Avenue

mid-century inspired surface pattern

Fabulous 1950s Era Wallpaper Swatch

At the beginning of the 1950s there was a rush of ideas, many of which were borrowed from other developing fields of modern art, which found expression in wallpaper patterns. A lot of these ideas would never be repeated in the succeeding decades.

This pattern owes much to those 1950s designs, both in the shapes and motifs used and the colours implemented which give the wallpaper very much an early mid-century look. Unusually, and this is perhaps not mid-century, the pattern is deliberately calculated to produce horizontal lines across the wall in order to prevent the design from looking too random. This is perhaps my own idea because, when used on the wall in my set West Avenue, it seems to show and amplify the dimensions of the room. It also, I feel, contrasts well with the furnishings and furniture

Overall, and used at this scale, this pattern produces a design which sits well with the overall look of the room and produces a room which I would not be unhappy to live with. The general colouring of the room is basically yellow, the colour of sunshine and of many flowers, and this creates a pleasant, warm, and generally inviting room. For this reason I have made a colour of the wallpaper in a similar hue.

You can see more of my other work on my Flickr page which is well worth a look and which is here.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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