A Bright Furnishing Fabric Design

Furnishing fabrics can be dull, drab, single-coloured or they can be bright and cheerful but here you run the risk of making them too in-your-face.

This particular design is based loosely on mid-century patterns, not necessarily for furnishing, which I thought would make a good covering for the settee and chair in the illustration above. The texture, once created, turned out to be perhaps a little brighter than I had intended although, I have to say, I now like the look that I have created. Intended to be mid-century, it would still look good in a room of that period although the colours, perhaps, appear a little modern.

The design was created using Xara Designer while the room is my old furnishing set created in Cinema 4D. If you think that the image of the settee looks a little brighter and clearer then you would be right since the render was created using global illumination rather than simple ambient occlusion which I have been using up until now. I have also, over the weekend, been doing some tutorials to help me make better materials and I hope that this has contributed as well.

You can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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