Mid-Century Wallpaper

Large geometric patterns are of particular interest here at 20th Century 3D especially when they resemble those from the 1960s decade.

This is the mid-century living room set that I have used on many other occasions and here it shows off perfectly a mid-century wallpaper using colours that were in use at the time.

The effectiveness is to make the room an eye-catching room and give it a very authentic feel. As with many of the recent patterns shown here recently, this design was made with Processing and the code is shown below.

You can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

color brass ;
 color rcream ; // rich cream
void setup() {
 size(1000, 1000) ;
 // colors
 brass = color(#DBA20D) ;
 rcream = color(#E7C895) ;
background(brass, 200) ;
 //noStroke() ;
 stroke(0) ;
 strokeWeight(2) ;
 ellipseMode(CENTER) ;
 fill(rcream, 255) ; // off white
 ellipse(0, 0, 1000, 1000) ;
 ellipse(1000, 0, 1000, 1000) ;
 ellipse(0, 1000, 1000, 1000) ;
 ellipse(1000, 1000, 1000, 1000) ;

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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