Two Color Wall Tiles


Wall tiles can look good as just one color but, as someone once said, what is better than one color – well, it’s two colors!

Following on from the tiles that I posted earlier, these are two tiles which use simple code based on the recursive function in the book Processing: Creative Coding by Ira Greenberg and others. I have reproduced the code below if it helps anyone.

The purpose of this is to create two nice looking wall tiles that would be suitable for a kitchen or bathroom and then combine them into a simple two color pattern.

There are a variety of images for this project and it would be best to look at the Flickr page which is here. There you will see the two colors and a representation of how they would look applied to a wall, together with the same wall using both colors.

void setup() {
 size(1000, 1000) ;
 background(91, 160, 173) ; // fiesta blue
//fill(24, 113, 152) ; // pacific blue
 fill(172, 173, 21) ; // parakeet
 noStroke() ;
 translate(width/2, height/2) ;
 drawCircle(0, 0, width/2) ;
 rotate(PI/2) ;
 drawCircle(0, 0, width/2) ;
void drawCircle(int x, int y, int s) {
 if(s > 2) {
 ellipse(x, y, s, s) ;
 drawCircle(x - s/2, y, s/2) ;
 drawCircle(x + s/2, y, s/2) ;

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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