Cruise Ship Creativity With Colour


Okay I admit it, this began as a not very enthralling pattern but as is often the case it proved its true worth when I had the opportunity to manipulate the colours.

Created with Processing (my arm is still not working and likely to remain that way for a short time to come) I liked the design but not the colours. I remembered from the work I did with the Open University that Processing can be used with a HSB colour mode that is great for colour manipulation. At that time, it was several years ago, I did not fully appreciate the tremendous advantage of being able to manipulate saturation, brightness and transparency.

As soon as I finished I could see this pattern in the Cruise Ship set and as soon as I tried it in Cinema 4D I realised that it looked amazingly natural and right. I have to say that, having had the opportunity of taking a good look at it now, I really like this pattern.

This blog uses just a small image but the full image is on our Flickr page which is here along with a swatch and several others watches for transportation patterns mainly from cars which did not make it into this blog.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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