Where Have All The Patterns Gone?

Patterns are slowly being drained from our rooms as modernism begins to take over the decoration of our houses.

Since the very earliest days of man there has been a desire to decorate with patterns both ourselves and the objects with which we come into contact. In particular there was, and always has been, a conspicuous desire to apply patterns to the contents of the houses in which we live. Why is this? The given answer is that people like patterns to brighten up their rooms.

Modernism is all about long, sweeping contours which contain just colour and perhaps an almost invisible texture. The modernist houses in which we live really are the boxes referred to in the 1960s but it has to be said that these rooms and houses have a beauty and charm all of their own.

Looking at some modern houses recently I began to wonder what the occupants of those rooms would think of them six months or a year after they had moved in. I wonder if they would find them beginning to look pale and uninteresting and whether the solid contours of colour would look uninspiring.

I decided to create a simple modern apartment and experiment with the use of pattern. My experiment was a simple one, in one apartment there is a lack of pattern while in the other most of the surfaces are patterned but with simple, everyday and not too conspicuous patterning. I have also tried to make the patterns look as though they could be from any period rather than mid-century.

It is interesting to compare the look of the two apartments and perhaps to think about the use of patterns in interior design. For our part at 20th Century 3D, we are obsessed with patterns but even we can see the use and beauty of objects which are simply decorated with colour.

You can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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