Mid-Century Style Wallpaper

Mid-Century Style Wallpaper

The thing that got me hooked into creating textures for 3D work was not the obvious skin or rock textures but period patterns such as the one shown above.

This pattern is a very simple repeat of a small motif which is brought to life by the mid-century colours that are used. These colours are based on the British Standard set of colours created in the 1950s and which were subsequently updated and amended many times over the years and decades that followed. Of all the patterns that I have created recently this is, I suppose, the one which looks the most ‘mid-century’ of all of them.

This set is, perhaps, a new one to you although it is a different view of the living room set created to resemble that of a BBC television series of the time. The room is based on the front room of Bob and Thelma Ferris on the Elm Lodge housing estate.

As ever, the set was created in Cinema 4D, the pattern being made in Xara while there is some slight adjustments made using Photoshop.

You can see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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