Fabric Pattern Ai251


Fabric patterns, especially those with small motifs and a quick repeat, have always fascinated me and feature a lot in my work.

To understand what this is all about you will need to look at my Flickr page (the address is below) to see the four images of this fabric pattern with the different backgrounds.

This design was created originally as a simple pattern for wallpaper, designed to be unobtrusive and the sort of wallpaper that you might have found in a mid-century bedroom or the lounge of, maybe, older people. Having created the pattern I began to experiment with different mid-century colours to get the right sort of 1960s look.

This post is the result of that work and the four patterns that I have chosen and which are shown above, are reproduced in a room as four 3D renders. There has been no, despite the urge to do so, post-processing on any of the images and, other than ambient occlusion, there is nothing added in the rendering process. The lights are an overhead area light and a spotlight some distance away.

It is very interesting to look at the quite different effect that these four wallpapers have, bearing in mind that the only difference between them (I promise you) is the background colour. The difference that you see is the result of the way the light is reflected back from the wall and, so far as I know, this effect is mirrored in the real world as well as in Cinema 4D. Incidentally, the backgrounds are not solid colours but mid-century fabric colours created with Filter Forge however the effect with a solid background colour would be very similar.

The result of all this is that picture number two has, I think, the most true-to-life mid-century look and feel and for that reason you may see this particular pattern again. So far as the other designs are concerned, I am quite happy that they look mid-century and they will certainly find a use as wallpaper in other rooms that I create.

A full size image is on my Flickr page which is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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