The Older House

Midcentury style in an older house

Older houses are interesting to create and have a part to play in both showing how they were decorated and furnished and pointing the way to the future.

This project is an older house, possibly Edwardian, which is depicted here furnished and decorated as it might have been mid-century. The project was created in Cinema 4D and that program was used for the render. I have, in fact, exported the shell of the house to Daz Studio and, hopefully, there will be another picture shortly.

This house is restrained mid-century with a comfortable sofa; a nice light wood sideboard, and a dining table in the bay window which overlooks the large garden. A feature of the 1950s and then the 1960s was the fitted carpet. Until then, carpets were simply rectangles that were bought at a particular size and put in place in the room, as is the case here. It was not expected that the carpet would fit and around the outside there will always be a border of floorboards, as is depicted here. Fitted carpets, when they arrived, revolutionised the look of interior spaces and in particular fitted carpets made the best use of the new style housing which had squarer rooms with less adjoining spaces. It is the fitted carpet that is partly responsible for the solid ‘walls of colour’ look of rooms.

This house probably belongs to an older person because it contains a mixture of older and newer styles and in the version I am preparing for Daz Studio I am showing the room as it might have looked used by the householder’s children.

For access to a full size image, my Flickr page is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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