Furnishing Fabric Ai244

Furnishing Fabric Ai244

Furnishing Fabric Ai244

They say a good furnishing fabric should enhance and beautify the furniture on which it is placed without, however, looking too obvious.

This fabric is destined, eventually, for the sofa and chairs created in the apartment which I have now ported to Daz Studio. Initially, however, it is important to get the colour and the look of the fabric right and so this is a test render in Cinema 4D. The room is a penthouse apartment that could be in any city although the original was in Asia. The fabric is shown used on the sofa and chair where it can catch the natural light which enters the apartment from the windows. This particular sofa design also uses a large area of wood so the fabric can be seen against the look of the natural wood. it is, perhaps, that afternoon and there is just a little sunlight entering the room as well.

Interestingly, designing furniture fabric is not as easy as it might appear but I am pleased that this fabric looks neutral and natural and yet enhances both the shape and appearance of the furniture. As you can see this is quite a close-up render and to make it more of a picture I have used a wide screen HD format.

My overall impression is quite good but I might experiment this week to see if I can create something that is a little more colourful as well.

For those who like such things, the design for the fabric was created in Adobe Illustrator and the render is in Cinema 4D using just the basic renderer. All the models and textures for this set were made by me in Cinema 4D while most of the supporting textures were created in Filter Forge.

As always, there is a larger version of this image is on my Flickr page which is here.

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