Transfer To Daz Studio

Transfer To Daz Studio

I have difficulty transferring figures from Daz Studio into Cinema 4D and, now that Daz has the excellent Iray renderer, it seems easier and maybe better to transfer the scenery into Daz!

The image above is a sort of first effort. I have transferred over the layout of the room and a couple of bits of furniture. First impression is that I am pleased with the result. The walls look good, they have a nice, even matt colour from the texture and so do the curtains. The carpet – well – it’s not so bad but needs tweaking as does the wood on the units. The wood texture is made with Filter Forge and usually creates a nice rich texture so we have work to do there.

The balcony looks nice and the view behind is sort of OK, it needs a bit more contrast which I am sure I can do. The view is a hdr image of the Sierra Madre mountains and I think this will provide a ‘holiday home’ type feeling which I like.

The texture – before you tell me – on the chairs is there to see how it looks, of course it will be on a smaller scale in the finished piece. Again, I am pleased with the result and not so pleased with the wood detail on the chairs but this can be fixed.

The disappointment (there’s always one isn’t there!) is the table. This is brushed aluminium (chrome might have been better) legs and a glass top. OK, so it needs some better shaders but I am sure that be arranged.

I don’t normally post WIP but I thought this be useful and it gives me something to look at and a base from which to work.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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