Some of the 2025 room textures and finishes

Detail of the blue colour and media unit screen:

Some of the 2025 room textures:

First off I have to say that I enjoyed creating the 2025 room, I felt it stretched my imagination and gave an insight into what may be to come.

However, the textures created were not exactly vast – and this is despite my hope that the future may see an upsurge in the use of patterns and textures in the home. However, the obvious change is for the curtaining but this used simply a picture of a holiday scene.

The sofa, however, used two new textures but here I am my own worst enemy because I was always taught to be economical and reuse items where I could and so both of these textures have been seen before. However, I have included them again. The sofa, incidentally, was a new model created for this room with it’s nice metal feet – the same design as is used for the table.

The table itself has a large, plastic semi-transparent top that uses a simple repetitive pattern that has a different bump image to create variety. Note the legs which are made in copper material.

To create four swatches this time I have included a swatch of the rug. This is a pattern made with Filter Forge of recycled paper. I learned a long time ago that it is not important what something is called; what is important is what it does and what you can create with it. The image is used along with a bump image of a carpet to create the texture.

This brings me to the blue colour used on the sideboard. I envisaged this as a cherished piece of furniture that had been given a contemporary makeover and repainted. Let’s say, in the middle years of the next decade, there is a trend for a blue colour. Painted in blue and with a shiny finish it looks very new and modern and the reflections help to draw the eye. I would like to say that I created this shiny colour but, sadly, I cheated! The model and the render were made in Cinema 4D and the surface is the blue car paint that they supply as a sample! However, it looks very much the part and – OK, I have to be honest with you – it was better than the surface I originally made. I am, I think, a better pattern designer than a 3D artist!

So there we are – four textures and one paint used in the model which go some way in helping to create the scene and the ambiance. Finally, in case you are wondering, the picture on the brick wall – Guitar Solos – was one that I made for some album covers quite some time ago and, once again, it is being reused!

The wooden floorboards have been replaced with a covering that is not that easy to see and so I have not included it but this is also a pattern. I had in mind the idea (and maybe the hope) that wooden floorboards would have gone out of fashion and this is just a hard wearing sheet of plastic put down over the floor and intended to last. (All right, before you say it, it’s the same idea as lino!)

To be honest, take away the curtains, this is a room that could almost be created with what is available today.

On the Flickr page is the composite above and a detail from the image at the rendering resolution of the blue media unit and image above. The Flickr page is here.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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