The apartment in 2025

The apartment in 2025

It’s 2025 today and now we’re all a full ten years older and maybe wiser – oh! So what will our apartment room look like a decade from now?

OK, so this is just a bit of fun, no one can look that far into the future with any degree of certainty but, hey, why not let’s have a go, we might get some ideas and learn something! First off, what has happened to the nice curtains that we closed at night? Curtaining might well become available in smart fabric that can be used as a giant TV type screen. These curtains are just lengths of clear fabric that show an image. Currently they are showing pictures taken of the owners recently holiday to somewhere hot and exotic. The image is slightly transparent to allow light and the outside to filter though but at night the transparency can disappear to show the images in their full glory. Of course, we’re not limited to streamed pics and the curtains can show images from the internet or even – God forbid – TV programs from anywhere in the world! Sounds too good to be true? I think this sort of technology is not that far away.

Look back ten years in your own house – ten years ago we have just moved here and pics of the time show that the main room has not changed all that much. For the apartment I began with some very space-age furniture and then realised that this probably would not happen; furniture is expensive and not that frequently replaced. However you will see that some items have had a nice repaint in the new shiny blue colour that is sweeping homes in the country!

The picture on the wall is, in fact, showing the sounds that are coming from the new speaker system controlled by the small remote on the table and we have programmed in the next few albums already and their covers will appear as the album plays.

OK, so much of this is just fun but maybe this is not so far removed from what we will have as we progress toward 2030. For my part I have to say that I am looking forward to it (and I hope that at least the curtain part comes true!).

I will do a post about the textures hopefully tomorrow or over the weekend. As always, there is a larger version of this image is on my Flickr page which is here.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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