Textures used in the modern room

Textures for the modern apartment room

This time there are just three more modern textures created for the up to date version of the room posted yesterday.

The first one of these is the texture for the rug which I decided to keep in the room. This is a simple texture created with the excellent Filter Forge program using the Ruggestry filter by DreamWarrior. The colour is simple and unobtrusive and the pattern is designed to look like ‘cut-outs’ and so draw the eye. I kept the colour dark to help accentuate the other furnishings in the room.

The remaining two patterns for the curtains and the cushions began life as Illustrator patterns created by me as designs for soft furnishings. The curtains are a lovely patterns called ‘two-up’ which I have used extensively while the cushions are a ‘fishscale’. I kept the cushions deliberatly low key so as not to dominate and I refrained from making them a saturated red so that they did not draw the eye too much.

Following on from yesterday, I have given some thought to a version of the room ten years hence and I might try to do that today or tomorrow if time permits. The other use for the room and the textures is to create a similar scene in Daz Studio but this time with people. Of course, Daz now has the Iray renderer which I am anxious to try out.

A larger version is on the Flickr page here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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