A cruise ship seating design:

A cruise ship seating design:

This, while it is not strictly a mid-century design, owes much to the designs produced in the late 1960s and into the start of the next decade.

The colours are very much taken from the British Standard palette of the period while the design is, of course, a perennial one. The effect is to create seats which look inviting to sit on and yet are also quite restful for those who sit for longer periods. The setting is supposed to be that of a cruise ship bar where the customers may stay for either long or short periods while they enjoy their refreshment.

Naturally this design could work in other colours but, to be honest, I like this red configuration a lot. I think it is just a little busy, that is true, but it is also just that little bit refined and classy and to an extent it shows restraint which makes it inviting to sit on.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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