One design: two colours: two looks

One design: two colours: two looks

A deceptively simple wallpaper design produced in two colours that give two totally different looks to the same room.

The design is not a complex one and harks back to the designs of the 1960s by using minimalistic shapes arranged in a simple and easily repeatable pattern. The colours are chosen to give a restrained and easy-on-the-eye look to one room and yet to produce a very unsettling and, to the mid-century taste, exciting colour and shape combination for the second room. The paper is shown on both walls and, if used for real at that time, it would have been used on all the walls to produce the maximum effect. To our eyes now it all seems a bit much but to the exciting mid-century decorator it was just the thing to show how modern the house owner really was. I have to say that, I know I designed it, but I also really like this paper.

The design was made in Adobe Illustrator and the final render was created in Cinema 4D with my living room set.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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