The 1960s UK Project – The Living Room

The 1960s UK Project - The Living Room

You may remember that I am working on the 1960s house project which is designed to show how a house interior in the UK would have looked in that decade.

The purpose is to show real rooms, the sort of rooms that you might have seen had you walked through the front door of a 1960s house. That is, none of these rooms are designed to show off 1960s avant-garde design or decoration that probably only had a limited appeal.

This room, a typical living room, resembles a room from the first half of the 1960s – that is, it pre-dates the excesses and flamboyance of the latter part of that decade and of the 1970s decade that followed it (which I hope to cover later with the 1970s house). It is the living room (there is a separate dining room) and it is probably the front room of a typical semi-detached UK house.

In particular, the items in the room – the furniture, the bric-a-brac and the soft furnishings – are designed to be generic rather than specific so that the room resembles an everyday room of a normal, average family (if there is such a thing).

As the decade progresses, the family are coming to terms with such things as foreign holidays (the postcards on the mantelpiece) and with TV which has yet to assume it’s central position in the room. The room has perhaps some form of heating other than a coal fire since the fireplace does not have a grate. The furniture is functional and aesthetic rather than designed for long periods of relaxation ensconced on the sofa. Evenings are not yet spent just watching TV (you may have to get up to change the channel) or listening to music (you had to get up frequently to change the record).

The storage unit was built by the householder from plans to be found in the magazines of the period which were very popular as this period was the start of DIY home improvements. This gives the room a minimalistic look designed deliberately to contrast with the cluttered and overly-decorated rooms that characterised the preceding decades.

Unlike most of the patterns that I create, this image was produced as a wide screen image, designed primarily for viewing rather than printing although I have included a 4 by 3 ratio image of printable dimensions on Flickr.

The main images are on my Flickr page (link below) and are a colour image of printable size and quality as well as a wide-screen format colour image and a black and white image to show how the room would have looked in a photo of the period. Also, because it looked good, I have included a tinted image.

A link to my Flickr page is here.

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