1950s tile wallpaper pattern

Many houses in mid-century Britain (and elsewhere) used a wallpaper made to resembles tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms of their homes.

Tiles are a traditional and excellent from of wall and floor decoration designed to be sturdy, waterproof and to offer good protection from the elements. Tiles, however, are relatively expensive and require considerable labour to put in place. At the beginning of the mid-century period wallpaper appeared that was coated with vinyl. This was both inexpensive and easy to keep clean requiring just a rub over with a wet cloth.

Somewhere along the line someone hit on the idea of making the wallpaper resemble a tile surface and many a kitchen and bathroom took advantage of this cheap and easy alternative to real tiles. A further advantage was that the whole wall could be replaced easily and at little cost to blend in with a change in decoration (or of mind).

Shown here is a pattern for a simple tile wallpaper that would have resembled hard tiles yet have been easy to apply to any surface. Gradually, as time developed, the tiles began to look less like real tiles and more like patterns.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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