1950s style lino

This is a complex lino that echoes the first linoleums of the 1950s in both it’s motifs, style and colours.

It has black and white, essential for the aspiring 1950s interior decorator in the UK, as well as simple rectangles to show to best advantage the size and depth of the room in which it is laid.

Patterns and colours like this made it easy to match the lino to most colour schemes which in those days could look extremely bright to modern tastes which plenty of gold and yellow as well as highly saturated reds. However, it is shown here in my kitchen set which is deliberately made to look inoffensive and to blend with whatever floor covering I am showcasing.

The pattern was created in Xara Designer using textures made in Filter Forge using, surprisingly, the Quick Wall Filter by DreamWarrior. The final image was rendered in Cinema 4D using my normal kitchen set which was made in that program as well.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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