Mid-century inspired fabric for curtaining or fashion

I love small repeating patterns and this is, without question, one of the nicest creations inspired from various mid-century designs.

The motif is a standard one but the pattern is very mid-century as are the colours and this would look nice as curtaining or as a fashion fabric. It was created in Xara Designer and the image was produced in Cinema 4D using the new fabric channel.


Carpet pattern for a main room inspired by mid-century designs

Carpet pattern for a main room inspired by mid-century designs

Carpets were out of fashion recently but perhaps they can be tempted back with my excellent design shown here.

Inspired by mid-century motifs, colours and designs, it is intended to be directional which is seen better in the swatch. Rather than a ’tile’ pattern, this has a simple ‘way’ to it that takes the viewers eye forward into and across the room.

The pattern was made in Xara Designer and the image produced in Cinema 4D using a set that I have used many times before (so many times that it ought to have a name by now).


Modern mid-century curtain material

Modern mid-century curtain material

Curtains can be fun to create and design and this pair benefit greatly from mid-century ideas and motifs as well as colours.

Inspired by designs and patterns from the early 1960s, these curtains would look good in any mid-century room or, for that matter, in a modern equivalent.

The design was made with Xara Designer and the image created in Cinema 4D



A mid-century fashion fabric

This s a very interesting pattern based on everyday mid-century designs and motifs which produces a very startling effect when used as a fashion fabric.

At first I was not sure if this was a design I would show but after some thought I changed my mind. The pattern is mid-century inspired and the colours are very close to mid-century ones although the contrast is a little too stark perhaps. However, now that I have gotten used to it the overall effect is a good one.



I had a request to redo this fabric using Greek symbols and I am happy to oblige as it is an interesting exercise and I am more than pleased with the result.

The effect is a good one and I have used text before to create a good looking fabric pattern. In the mid-century using text was unusual but now it is a commonplace addition to the pattern makers arsenal.