A Variation On xar199


I have to admit to being very pleased with the way that xar199 looked as a pattern in the large image and in the two smaller crops and I was pleased to be able to show the pattern at various sizes in the same image.

At the same time that I created this, I toying with various similar designs and created a variation which I now show here using the scene which I used a day or so back. The pattern is basically the same but with the addition of a circle which gives the overall look a quite different quality and makes it appear much more unified than the original pattern did and, I believe a better pattern as a result.

As ever the models are Genesis 2 models and the whole was assembled and rendered in
Daz while the pattern was created in the Xara Designer 9.


The Big Picture xar199


This is a much larger project than the ones that I have done before and this is also one that I particularly enjoyed doing.

The pattern used for this image is xar199 which is a modern pattern although, like most of my patterns, it does have its roots in designs used in the 1950s and early 1960s. However the colours used place it very much as a modern pattern.

As befits this, I have used a modern image and this image shows four people each one of whom is wearing something patterned by xar199 and the whole makes an interesting combination. Tomorrow I will post a separate image which will show two characters followed by a further image the next day containing the other two characters as this will make a little more sense of the way that the patterns are used.

A printable version of this image is available both for my benefit and for yours on my Flickr photostream and the link is here.

The scene used for this is the ballroom by Jack Tomalin but I have taken the liberty of just using one of the walls and setting the image outside so that I can take advantage of the sunshine. The models are all Genesis or Genesis 2 characters and the clothes are all standard Daz clothing. The whole scene was created and rendered in Daz with post-work in Corel Paintshop Pro 6 and Photoshop CS 4 while the pattern was created in Xara Designer 9.


Two quite different patterns, xar196



Today we have not one but two patterns both of which draw on mid-century ideas but which produce two very different styles.

Both of these styles use very simple patterns which share a common heritage and which are both derived from the type of pattern that would have been available in the early 1960s. The patterns are shown at different sizes to indicate their versatility.

To show them in one image I have used two models, both of which are Genesis 2 models, and a new and very interesting set created by Jack Tomalin and available from Daz.

As ever, the scene was created and rendered in Daz with both of the patterns created in Xara Designer 9.


By The Sea With xar195


An usual but interesting mid-century style pattern today and after the fun of yesterday, we are back to the seaside.

The set is East Terrace and model Sephanie 6, a Genesis 2 creation. The image was created and rendered in Daz with the pattern and bump produced as ever in Xara Designer 9


Two for the price of one, xar194



This is actually two patterns which are the same except for the background, white on one and black on the other.

The most obviously difference is that they are at different sizes and individually they look OK but together they make an interesting combination of lines and shape.

To produce this I used the lovely Deco Classic room by Jack Tomalin, some Genesis 2 models (one is Stephanie and other Tori) while the clothes are business clothes. The image was created and rendered in Daz with the pattern and bump images produced as ever in Xara Designer 9

I have tried using two models before but with limited success because as well as twice the fun you get twice the problems so I was pleased that this has turned out so well.


Victoriana In The 1950s


A very mid-century look today with the same pattern that I used yesterday but this time at a different scale to give a very different look.

The model is 1950s and the pattern is used in the small to create a quite different look which I think is very like the sort of look that would have appealed in the late 1950s. Not a ‘swinging sixties’ style, this is much more restrained but the effect is one of pleasing harmony.

As I said yesterday, this is a design inspired from way, way back in time. This time the model is a Genesis2 and the dress is the Paige dress. The set is East Terrace and the whole was created and rendered in Daz with the pattern produced as ever in Xara Designer 9


Victoriana Revisited


Today we have a very low key portrait using a design that was inspired from way, way back in time.

The texture for the top comes from old Victorian print designs but looks as modern and up to date as any design today or, alternatively, it can look as mid-century as any of them for this type of pattern is really timeless. Motifs like this appear and reappear with regularity because they are good designs and because they appeal.

The model is Taylor for Stephanie a Genesis2 and the top and skirt are Neat Pleats. The whole was created and rendered in Daz with the pattern produced as ever in Xara Designer 9