Pattern xar168 in North Norfolk

Pattern xar168 in North Norfolk

We are back once again to small motifs and a frequent yet interesting repeat for this rather nice textile pattern.

I’d like to say that I created this following some considerable research into mid-century patterns but the truth is that this is a perennial design which has been available to pattern creative for a long period of time. I have always been a believer in the idea that ‘less is more’ and for that reason I created this design in a very simple fashion.

I like to think the burgeoning mid-century designers at the beginning of the 1960’s would have viewed this design with, at least, appreciation since it foreshadows, I think, what was to come.

The backdrop is my favourite seaside town, Cromer in North Norfolk and this picture was taken by me on a much better day than is being experienced at the moment. It was also taken out of season which is why the amusements, usually in full swing, are apparently empty.

Pattern xar168 in North Norfolk

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