Space and xar139

Space and xar139

This is space as it would have been seen in the mid-20th century and the clothing is just an extrapolation of what was being worn, with a little imagination added. No shiny, modern, mono-coloured materials here!

The image is a detail from a slightly larger scene and it shows Chief Engineer Miki wearing what would, and what may yet become, regulation space wear inside the station. The pattern is xar139, a pattern designed for everyday workwear and is shown here in two colour variations. Very comfortable and smart it looks, in fact, I have to say that it looks even better than I had thought it would!

I know that you are thinking that this is like modern leisurewear or sleepwear (and in fact it is) but in the 1970s it would have looked very advanced and comfortable and just the thing for a very nimble and agile space engineer to wear.

In this detail Miki is talking to the Commander and I will show another detail from the scene which describes the Commander’s clothing probably tomorrow. Again, this will be crafted from the new range of patterns for workwear.

The scene was assembled in Poser using the PICK products for sci-fi and I think that they make a quite realistic space station and I enjoyed making it. As ever, the image can be seen in a larger version on my Flickr photo stream and the link is here.

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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