Fabric xar130

Fabric xar130

This fabric, xar130, has an interesting and colourful alien motif taken very tongue-in-cheek from the 1950s, the days when aliens and their saucers were, for the most part, nice, fun, extraterrestrial creatures.

Intended at the outset to be a fashion fabric, the result is shown here at three different sizes and in three different colours.

You may also notice – and I hope you do – that the image of Miki looks a little more realistic than the previous images I have used. I spent a lot of time on the lighting to try and make, firstly, Miki look better and, secondly, to make the dress that she was wearing more realistic in the sense of how it would look if it were real. Lighting is so important in 3D and I am aware that it is not, perhaps, my strong point.

The images above can be seen on Flickr at a larger size and, as ever, the URL is here.

Fabric xar130

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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