Pairing wallpapers for contrast and design

Pairing wallpapers for contrast and design

I posted xar065 a little earlier this morning and decided to do what I suggested I should do in that post.

I had a look through the previous designs that I have done and chose xar048 which I think goes quite well. I am not now working with 3-D and so I cannot show the wall-covering as a model but I have produced the image above to show the two papers together.

In the 1960s, particularly, it would be the practice with the standard semi-detached house of the day to wallpaper the walls in the less intrusive wallpaper and to use the feature paper for the alcoves. Neither of these papers are particularly intrusive but I think the combined effect is a pleasing one which would have looked good.

In truth, the designs combined at that time were often a lot more lurid to modern tastes and I will have a look through my designs for something that may give more of an idea of the extremes to which this practice was put. This, however, will give you a taste of what I mean.

Click the image for a larger version or for a 1024 by 768 px version click here to go to my Flickr page.

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I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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