Pattern IK001, a midcentury wallpaper

Pattern IK001

This design is based on a midcentury wallpaper although the design itself has been brought up to date and given something of a new look and new colours.

Simple designs like this were quite popular in the 1960s, particularly after the watershed of 1965 when there was a return to more original thinking. This is intended as a covering for walls or for floors although it is conceivable that it could be a fabric as well.

I regret now, with hindsight, using more modern colours because I think that the original 1960s, or late 1950s, colours would have been more appropriate. However if you wish to use this as a covering for walls or floors then there are three colour backgrounds, a bump image and the original tile uploaded to Flickr as jpg images.

IK001 – 1
IK001 – 2
IK001 – 3
IK001 – Bump
IK001 – Tile

DP217, a comforting image

DP217, a comforting image

The image today is DP217 which, as soon as I created it, I found it a very interesting and strangely comforting image.

It was inspired by the design used for towelling in the early 1960s and is a design which seems to have disappeared around the end of the 1960s. This is a shame because, aside from being a pleasant design which you could use anywhere, it is also a good design to look at and one that I found comforting as soon as I saw it. I have no idea why this should be so but some designs are like that, aren’t they?

Unfortunately there is only one colour and I have uploaded to Flickr the background, the tile and also a bump map produced this time in the gimp which I find I am using more and more.

DP217 – 1
DP217 – bump
DP217 – tile

DP216, a small-scale fabric

DP216 fabric

This is a very nice period design prepared primarily for use in the smaller scale and as a fabric or textile pattern.

It was inspired by early 1950s designs mainly on the larger items of furnishing and is one of the designs I particularly like with a small repeated motif. It is available here with a bump image and the tile along with three colours as a background for 3-D work. In fact, it is shown a little larger than it could be, the pattern could be a very small repeated motif in which case it may well be suitable for other purposes.

DP216 – 1
DP216 – 2
DP216 – 3
DP216 – bump
DP216 – tile

Material DP215

Material DP215

This is a very 1950s style fabric print design designed and intended for heavy use as a furniture or bedspread covering or similar.

Designed like many 1950s fabrics to look ‘home-made’, this is a nice design inspired by bedcovers from the early 1950s. I suppose it probably takes its origin from the modern day science that was being discovered and taught in schools because the swirl looks vaguely ‘atomic’.

Uploaded to Flickr there is a bump image and the tile along with three colours which, as it was a few days ago that I produced these images, now look a bit insipid but it is probably me.

DP215 – 1
DP215 – 2
DP215 – 3
DP215 – Bump
DP215 – Tile

DP214 – Fun Wallpaper

DP214 - Fun Wallpaper

This is a fun wallpaper designed to look like the early wallpapers in the 1950s when designers were getting over the trauma and drabness of the Second World War.

It is based on work I did previously rather than being inspired by any particular 1950s patterns. Below are three colours, a bump image and the tile.

DP214 – 1
DP214 – 2
DP214 – 3
DP214 – bump
DP214 – tile

Wallpaper DP213

Wallpaper DP213

This was designed as a wallpaper fabric and is not, on this occasion, a mid-century creation.

This was in fact a spin-off of another design that I was working on and I realised as soon as I did it that it was very similar to the type of wallpaper design that I had been trying to make some years ago.

It is available in three colours and with a bump image and so would look good on the walls of a modern, or even a 1990s, house and the colours, I think, would go well with any modern decor. I have to admit quite liking this design and the overall impact that it has.

Whilst preparing the images it also occurred to me that this was perhaps, on a smaller scale, an interesting design for fabric. Perhaps, when I have a moment, this is something that I will look at again.

DP213 – 1
DP213 – 2
DP213 – 3
DP213 – bump
DP213- tile

DP212, the mid-century upholstery fabric

a mid-century upholstery fabric

I used to do a lot of 3-D work and one problem I had was finding suitable upholstery fabrics, particularly mid-century ones.

This fabric, DP212, is designed as an inconspicuous but easy-to-use upholstery style fabric for use in all those situations where you need to cover a chair or sofa with something that looks as though it came from the 1950s or 60s or earlier.

Once again the colours used in the fabric are authentic late 1950s colours to aid authenticity.

Uploaded to Flickr are three colour variations, a bump image and the tile.

DP212 bump image
DP212 tile