Fabric IK011

1950s style fabric textile ik011

This is a very nice and useful but a very basic pattern that has been in existence since the last century.

Leaves and the fruit in some combination are a classic subject for patterns and the original design for this existed in the middle of the 19th century although its roots go back much further than that. It is a design which reappears from time to time in some form and it was certainly available in the 1950s, as it probably has been in most decades.

The background colours used in the three examples below are 1950s colours and this pattern would be suitable for furnishings, curtains or even as wallpaper and it would have been sold in the later 1950s and throughout the 60s decade.

Fabric ik011 – 1
Fabric ik011 – 2
Fabric ik011 – 3
Fabric ik011 – bump
Fabric ik011 – tile

About Mike
I design and create 3D interiors and mid-century inspired surface patterns

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